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Ellen Lee's East Bay Livin'

Monday, July 25, 2005

Eulogy for my neighbor's cat

My neighbor's cat died this morning. He was hit by a car.

My husband found him in the road as he was walking to work.

I am crying as I write this. I probably sound nuts, but you have to understand that we thought of this cat as one of our own. His name was Sinatra, a blue-eyed Siamese, and we had known him since he was a cute little kitten who hung out in our apartment complex. He was the friendliest, sweetest cat, and always greeted us and wound his body through our legs, and flopped over to let us pet him. A few times he even met our tabby, Hello, our indoor, only-child cat who doesn't like other cats but was okay with Sinatra. Sinatra's only vice was he tended to spray everything, including, when he followed us home one day, our front door. He was clearly an adventurous cat who loved to be outdoors and around people (I am pretty sure we were not the only ones who doted on him).

I was the one who told our neighbors. It is the hardest conversation I have ever had. My husband and I didn't know them, but we had heard them calling for Sinatra before and they had a bowl of water outside their front door. I rang their doorbell, and caught them as they were getting ready for work. The woman bowled over in tears, while her husband ran outside to make sure I was talking about their cat.

I stammered an explanation of how my husband had found Sinatra this morning, and how we knew it was Sinatra because we had just played with him last night, and that I was very sorry. And then, because I didn't know what else to do, and because they obviously wanted to be alone, I went home. And hugged my cat.


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